1-6 Player co-operative game that is set in the old west during westward expansion. You and your friends can climb into a covered conestoga wagon and try to survive the journey out west to find fame and fortune.
There have been covered wagon games in the past and covered wagon video games. However there has never been a covered wagon adventure like this before. The road is treacherous filled with bandits, angry natives, predators, environmental dangers, and the list goes on. Westerly is comedic one minute and brutal the next. You never know what the exact party make up will be or what route you will have to take to go west. You select a character at the beginning of the game and try to get them to California in one piece...literally. In Westerly things can go from bad to worse in a matter of minutes and your character can be injured, maimed, left to die by the group or maybe just eaten by a bear or even your own party. Ayup that's right I'm talking about cannibalism. Fear not if it all goes wrong you can rejoin the party as a different character that hops into the wagon at the next town. Westerly is all about the story of you and your friends trying their best to make it out west and all the ridiculous things that can go wrong along the way. If ya manage to get there you will absolutely have a wild story to tell.

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A game of hilarious medical disasters where players each take on the role of doctors at a poorly supplied hospital. The doctors compete with each other to treat patients using whatever tools they happen to have on hand. Sometimes these doctors try to actively hinder each other in the middle of surgery. Sometimes they all just agree to play a golf while the patient expires. Patients will begin to stack up fast... both cured and killed. Add 'em up at the end to determine who among you is the best doctor under the worst conditions imaginable.

What Medicine Whoops Brings To Your Table

Humor First and foremost
Medicine Whoops is full of laughs. Not only will you have fun reading the cards, but just wait until you see some of the crazy situations that arise as doctors try to treat their patients.

Fast Pace
Medicine Whoops is a very fast moving game. Thematically it uses mechanics that simulate the frantic rush of racing to get to the O.R. when patients in critical need show up, then slows down as players try to figure out if they have the tools they'll need to help them. Rush into surgery too quickly and you may end up with a morgue full of almost successes.

Variable Speed
Selecting the game length is easy and quick and does not compromise game play. Simply decide at the beginning of the game how many total patients you would like to treat to set the approximate length of the game. It averages out to about 1 to 2 minutes per patient, allowing everything from a quick 10 minute duel all the way up to a 90 minute long tournament all in one portable sized box.

Devious player interaction
A key component to the game is hindering your fellow doctors in the midst of surgery. While one doctor is busy operating, the rest can attempt to use some diabolical yet hilarious hindrances that are bad for both the patient and the operating doc's score. One thing is certain; becoming the top doc will be a cutthroat business.

10 minutes to fun
The game is fast to set up and easy to learn. The general rules are simple and easy to understand. This makes Medicine Whoops easily accessible to new players. The quick set up and portability makes it an ideal game to take with you wherever you go.

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Samuel Sandwich - A Gentleman's Game Of Cannibalism

Players take on the role of wealthy victorian era socialites and compete through braggadocious storytelling to determine who is the most interesting person. The only problem is that when money is no object what could you possibly wager with? Well winning a hand in Samuel Sandwich may be more literal than you might think.