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Who Shit In My Cat?!

Looking for something unique? Something rare? Something that you could never find in a big box store? Look no further then this very unassuming cat. 

Who Shit In My Cat is a game for 3 - 10 players Ages 18 and up.

The game centers around a plush cat sitting in the middle of the table. It is a Schrödinger's cat of sorts. It is everyone’s cat and nobody’s cat all at the same time. It may or may not have been shit in. All of this and more will be worked out by the end of this ridiculous game.

Say hello to Albert Kittensworth. You can tell by the expression on his face that he is not looking forward to playing this game. But you should be. Albert may not be very good a catching mice or playing with string, but there is one skill that makes him as unique as he is precious - his ability to hold an almost limitless number of objects in his ample rear compartment. You can put anything and everything in there, and by the end of the game, you will. Well, everything but one thing, that is. There is one thing that simply will not be tolerated, so let's make this perfectly clear, DO NOT SHIT IN MY CAT.

What's in the Box?
104 cards of strange objects and the occasional steaming deuce
1 instruction sheet
1 adorable stuffed kitty

Game Highlights 
Absolutely ridiculous and unique - The title really says it all. This little cat pouch holds hours of party fun and hilarious conversations. 

Adorable game components - Complete with plush cat exterior this game looks amazing on shelf or the table and even on the go. 

Travel Friendly - All necessary game components travel inside the cat for adorable transportability. 

Easy to learn - In less than five minutes your game group will be laughing and enjoying this absurd game of feline deduction

Quick Setup - Game sets up quickly in just a couple of minutes.
What's this all about?

Players start the game with a hand of cards that will contain some very unusual objects as well as a freshly-baked loaf that most definitely did not come from a bakery. On their turn, Albert will spin around to face them with his best side forward and they will draw a card and add it to their hand. They will then randomly select one of the the face down cards from their hand look at it and announce to the table what they are placing inside the cat. If the card the player selected was their poo card then they should lie and claim it is a different item, you wouldn't want the other players to know you just shit in the cat it will be our little secret. Keep in mind there a few additional poo cards that you can pick up out of the draw pile and you might even start the game with more then one poo card. During each round players will draw cards, place cards and sometimes even discard each other's cards.

Eventually someone will become suspicious of a fellow player and will point across the table and demand an answer to that age old question “Did you shit in my cat?” Once accused, the player will need to show if they still have a poo in their hand of cards. Because they cannot view their hand of cards during play they may not know if their poo has been removed and placed inside the cat. One by one they begin to reveal their cards if they do not have a poo card, then they indeed were the offending party member that committed this heinous act. Even though this was the person who was caught brown handed they were probably not the only one to leave a poo in you know who. When you set up for the next game you get the joy of seeing who else did the deed and got away with it.

​Kickstarting Early December 2016